Level Bottle


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What does alkaline mean?

In its simplest definition, alkaline is when a substance has a pH of 7 or greater. The opposite of alkaline is acidic and these substances have a pH of less than 7.


What does pH stand for?

The term ‘pH’ stands for potential hydrogen. pH level is the measurement in the concentration of “hydrogen ions” in the substance. It’s important to note that “hydrogen” is different than “hydrogen ions.” Large quantities of “hydrogen ions” in your water and food leads to an acidic pH level which is not ideal for your body. The Level Bottle, paired with its ionizer, adds natural alkaline minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and more) to your water increasing its pH level up to 9.


Why should I care about alkaline water??

Well, it’s good for your body! Alkaline water is known to contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, hydrogen and more – all things the human body needs. Due to its vital makeup, alkaline water is known to increase energy levels, strengthen your immune system and improve your overall well-being.


What pH level is best for the body?

We often talk about numbers like 98.6 degrees for our ideal body temperature and 120/80 for a healthy blood pressure. However, we often overlook 7.365, the optimal pH level for our blood. It’s important to note that 7.365 is on the alkaline side of the spectrum.

Acidic foods cause the body to work harder to maintain the 7.365 pH level. This puts strain on our bodies including our heart, bones, kidneys, digestive system and more. By feeding our bodies alkaline rich water and foods we can help our system out.

When we consume high acidic diets, the body and blood will delete its own resources (minerals and nutrients) to neutralize all that acid to maintain a healthy pH level. Drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline foods everyday will give your body the necessary tools it needs so that it doesn’t have to drain and deplete its own resources.


Is this just a trend or for real?

Our diets are filled with very acidic foods (meats, refined carbs, fried and processed foods, sugary drinks, etc). These highly acidic foods cause inflammation and make our bodies susceptible to disease. Other symptoms of an acidic diet include fatigue/laziness, gum and teeth issues, premature aging, acid reflux and a weakened immune system.